Hikosaka Naoyoshi

Hikosaka Naoyoshi Invitation to Floor Event 1971
Postcard, 10 x 14.5 cm


Born in Tokyo in 1946. Hikosaka was one of the leading artists in the movement against the institutional framework of art in the 1970s, playing a significant role in conceptual art in Japan. Entered Tama Art University, Tokyo in 1967, founded Bikyōtō (Artists Joint-Struggle Council) together with his fellow students including Kosai Hori in 1969. Major exhibitions include “Global Conceptualism: Points of Origin, 1950s-1980s” at the Queens Museum of Art (New York, 1999) and three other venues in the USA, “CENTURY CITY” at Tate Modern (London, 2001), “Art, Anti-Art, Non-Art: Experimentations in the Public Sphere in Postwar Japan, 1950-1970” at the Getty Center, Research Institute Exhibition Gallery (Los Angeles, 2007), “Aichi Triennale” at Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (Aichi, 2013), “Re:play 1972/2015 Restaging “ at the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo (Tokyo, 2015). Hikosaka’ s work is part of many public collections, such as at places like The National Museum of Art (Osaka) , Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (Aichi) and The Getty Research Institute, (Los Angeles)


Hikosaka Naoyoshi
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Born in 1946 in Tokyo.
Lives and works in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan

– Education and Residences –

1967-70  Tama Art University, Japan
1982-83 University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts, under the auspices of the Japanese Government Department of Culture foreign art study program

– Selected Solo Exhibitions –

2020  Naoyoshi Hikosaka Exhibition, Museum Haus Kasuya, Kanagawa
2020  Floor Event: Repetitions and Variations, MISA SHIN GALLERY, Tokyo
2018  Three Person Exhibition: Naoyoshi Hikosaka/Yoko Kamijo/Nobuhiko Utsumi, Fei Art Museum Yokohama, Kanagawa
2016  Naoyoshi Hikosaka : Salon des Refusés Olympic Emblem, General Incorporated association TOURI association The Bamboo culture space, Tokyo
2014  Naoyoshi Hikosaka / Avant-garde experimental NETART solo exhibition series 6, Avant-garde experimental NETART, Kanagawa, Japan
2010  HISTORY LESSONS/The Imaginary Museum of the Imperial Palace, MAKII MASARU FINE ARTS, Tokyo
2008  Naoyoshi Hikosaka Printing Collection, The Softmachine Museum of Art, Kagawa, Japan
2008  Two Person Exhibition: Naoyoshi Hikosaka/Yasuhiro Minami, MAKII MASARU FINE ARTS, Tokyo, Japan

– Selected Group Exhibitions –

2019  Who opens up the world?, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi, Japan
2018  Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan
2018  TTAKAHASHI COLLECTION Face and Abstraction, Kiyoharu Art Colony, Yamanashi, Japan
2017  Group Show of Contemporary Artists 2017 | The Disconnection-Art Movement: An Exhibition of Simulation-Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2016  Concert: Naoyoshi-Hirokawa Quartet Concert, Curated by Hiroyuki Ooki, Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F, Tokyo, Japan
2016  Reverse triangular relationship Exhibition, General Incorporated association TOURI association The Bamboo culture space, Tokyo, Japan
2016  Concert: Ai-Kisaragi Torio the First Concert, Nayoshii Hikosaka, Ai Kisaragi and, arsBot Goes Mad, Composit Art sabo caferoom, Tokyo, Japan
2016  Cutting Art : Chair, Curated by Hiroyuki Oki, Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F, Tokyo, Japan
2016  Concert: Hikosaka Naoyoshi + Kimio Itozaki +Yoshihide Namasu:Concert, Curated by Yusuke Ooki, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan
2015  Re:play 1972/2015 Restaging 《Expression in Film ‘72》, The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2015  Reverse triangular relationship Exhibition, General Incorporated association TOURI association The Bamboo culture space, Tokyo, Japan
2015  Concert: “Naoyoshi Hikosaka + Noise Music Concert of A.A.C.L” 《Down of Love》Fuck With 《Void-Civilization》, Composit Art sabo caferoom, Tokyo, Japan
2013  AICHI TRIENNALE 2013 : Awakening, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Aichi, Japan
2013  《A dark night of luminous film》 Kimio Itosaki+Naoyoshi Hikosaka syndicalism photo exhibition, Avant-garde experimental NETART, Kanazawa, Japan
2009  The 4th Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Niigata, Japan
2008  Kompira Art 2008 Toramaru Shachu, Auditorium Kotohira-cho, Kagawa, Japan


Sep 9-Oct 29,2016

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