Installation view at MISA SHIN GALLERY
Photo: Keizo Kioku

Installation view at MISA SHIN GALLERY
Photo: Keizo Kioku

Date:Friday, September 21 – Friday, November 2, 2012


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“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.” Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag wrote the above in her classic book “On Photography” in 1977. In the 35 years since, the context in which we understand photography has changed drastically It has become a medium for presenting concepts and opinions like other artistic media, such as paintings and drawings.

The exhibition present works by artists, Shimizu Jio, Ozawa Tsuyoshi, and Back Seung Woo, showing different approaches that make use of photography.

Shimizu Jio is an artist who magnifies the unique characteristics of sound, light and the vibrations of the physical world. His exhibition this time features direct prints of moiré patterns created through an installation using lasers and water. Laser rays are shone through water drops, which results in unique distortions and interferences in the light which is projected on the wall. The patterns created are a unique, infinite variety of patterns in this physical world. The prints are made in a darkroom where laser rays are projected for only 1/100 second. Each is a unique work developed by Shimizu himself.

“Jizoing” is a series of photographs of small hand-made jizo statues taken in different landscapes by Ozawa. “Nasubi Gallery” is a milk box turned into the smallest gallery in the world. “Soy sauce painting”, is a series mocking Western and Japanese art masterpieces using the medium of soy sauce. Ozawa Tsuyoshi is known as an artist with insight into history and society, yet his method of expression is humorous and full of wit. The exhibition also includes “Vegetable Weapon”, a series of photographs of women holding guns made from vegetables. The projects have been carried out in different cities world wide, addressing the stupidity of war and violence. The show will also introduce a work photographed in Fukushima right after the earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident in March 2011.

Back Seung Woo is a South Korean artist known for series such as “Blow Up” and “Utopia”, in which he uses expressive techniques where the real and unreal interplay. The photos in his new work, the present exhibition’s “Re-Establishing Shot” (2012), feature images which, while appearing to us to be parts of cities we know, have an vagueness of place, which gives us an uncanny sense of absence. Since they are photographic works, we know that the original images are slices of reality, but cutting them out in pieces causes a loss of the histories and memories that make up the cities, and their significance is therefore altered: they are no longer necessarily real, and the viewer is forced to infer, speculate, and fantasize.

As Sontag discussed the society in the United States in 1970s by way of her radical critical work on photography, in this same way, by analyzing photography today, we may also engage in an analysis of the current society in Japan and the world. We hope that you will enjoy the different perspectives of the three artists in “ON PHOTOGRAPHY”, as they seek the meaning and future prospects of contemporary art, in addition to what its social role might be.

Ozawa Tsuyoshi
Born in 1965 Tokyo. Participated in exhibitions at museums and biennales worldwide, including the Venice Biennale. Major solo exhibitions include “Answer with Yes and No!“ Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2004) and “The Invisible Runner Strides on“ Hiroshima Contemporary Art Museum (Hiroshima, 2009). His works are in public and private collections including ZKM (Germany), the National Museum of Art, Osaka, UBS, Kamata Soy sauce Company. He will participate in the Bessho Biennale, Kyushu, Japan this October.

Back Seung Woo
Born in 1973 South Korea. Major group exhibitions include “Photography Now Chinam Japan, Korea” at the San Francisco Museum of Art (San Francisco, 2009), “Dreamland” Pompidou Center (Paris, 2010). Solo exhibitions at MISA SHIN GALLERY (Tokyo, 2011), Artsonje Center (Seoul, 2011). Participating in an exhibition “More Real? Art in the Age of Truthiness” Minneapolis Museum of Art.

Shimizu Jio
Born Tokyo, 1966. Received his MFA in the Graduate School of Art at the Tokyo University of the Arts and is presently based in Saitama. In 1994 founded WrK with Toshiya Tsunoda and others. In 2008 moved to Copenhagen as an overseas trainee in receipt of a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, thereafter remaining to live and work until 2010. Major group exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing” at Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2004), the Busan Biennale 2008 at the Busan Museum of Art (Busan, 2008), and “Simple Interactions. Sound Art From Japan” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde (Copenhagen, 2011), “On the edge” (Norway, 2012).

「今日、あらゆるものは写真になるために存在する」スーザン・ソンタグがその古典的名著「写真論(英語タイトル ON PHOTOGRAPHY)で1977年に写真についての考察をしてから35年。写真を取り巻く状況は劇的に代わり、アートにおいても、写真は、絵画やドローイングなどと同じように、考え方や解釈を表現するなくてはならないメディアとなりました。



小沢剛は、風景の中に自作の地蔵を建立し写真に収める「地蔵建立 Jizoing」、牛乳箱を用いた超小型移動式ギャラリー「なすび画廊」、日本美術史への皮肉ともとれる「醤油画」など、歴史や社会への鋭い洞察に対して、ユーモアと機知に富んだ作品で知られるアーティストです。本展では、女性が野菜で出来た武器を持つポートレート写真のシリーズで、「ベジタブル・ウェポン」を展示いたします。戦争や暴力の愚かさを訴える世界各地で繰り広げているこのシリーズは、2011年3月の東日本大震災直後の福島でも行われ、今回「ベジタブル・ウェポン―お煮染め、福島」も発表します。

バク・スンウは、Blow upシリーズ、Utopiaシリーズなど、現実と非現実が交錯する表現で知られる韓国出身のアーティストです。本展では、新作となる、Re-Establishing Shot (2012)を展示します。バクの作品に写っている都市のイメージは、どの都市の風景も見慣れたようでありながら、特定できない不思議な不在感を感じさせます。写真である故に真実からはぎ取られた一面には違いないのですが、イメージは裁断され、都市を形成する歴史や記憶を消し去ることで、意味が変化し、それらは必ずしも真実ではなく、推論、思索、空想をかき立てます。

ソンタグがそのラディカルな写真論で70年代のアメリカ社会を語ったように、今、写真を考察すれば、今の日本や世界を考察することができるのではないでしょうか。現代アートの意味とは何か、可能性とは何か、また社会的な役割とは何かを問う、3人のアーティストによる「ON PHOTOGRAPHY」をお楽しみください。

小沢 剛
1965年東京生まれ。東京芸術大学壁画科卒業。ヴェネツィア・ビエンナーレをはじめ海外の展覧会に数多く参加し、森美術館「同時に答えろYesとNo!」(2004)、広島市現代美術館「透明ランナーは走りつづける」(2009)で個展を開催。ZKM, 国立国際美術館、UBS, 鎌田醤油など国内外の美術館、企業に所蔵されている。今年10月には別府ビエンナーレにも参加予定。

1973年韓国生まれ。韓国、イギリスの大学・大学院で写真を学び、現在はロンドン、ソウル を中心に活動する。ポンピドゥーセンター「Dreamland」展(パリ 2010)などのグループ展に参加。MISA SHIN GALLERY(東京 2011)、Artsonje Center(ソウル 2011)にて個展を開催。今年から来年にかけミネアポリス美術館「More Real? Art in the Age of Truthines」展に出品予定。

志水 児王
1966年東京生まれ。東京藝術大学美術研究科大学院修了、現在は埼玉県を拠点に活動する。1994年、角田俊也らとWrK結成。2008年に文化庁在外研修員としてコペンハーゲンに移住。その後2010年末まで同地を拠点に活動。主な展覧会に、「六本木クロッシング」森美術館(東京 2004)、「釜山ビエンナーレ2008」釜山市立美術館(釜山 2008)、 「日本のサウンドアート」ロスキル現代美術館(コペンハーゲン 2011)、「On the edge」(ノルウェー 2012)他。

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