Kawamata Tadashi

  • Kawamata Tadashi, "La Biennale di Venezia", Venezia, 1982
  • Kawamata Tadashi, "Frauenbad", Limmat River and Helmhaus, Zurich, 1993, Wood, 223 x 323 x 35 cm
  • Kawamata Tadashi, "Construction site project Spui", The Hague, 1986
  • Kawamata Tadashi, "Favela in Houston", Landscape, Bayou Riverside, Houston, 1991
  • Kawamata Tadashi, "Colonial Tavern Park", Toronto, 1989
  • Kawamata Tadashi, "People's Garden", Documenta 9, Kassel, 1992
  • Kawamata Tadashi, "P.S.1 Project", P.S.1 Long Island City, New York, 1985
  • Kawamata Tadashi, "Tree Hut in the Place", Vendome, Paris, 2013


Born in 1953, Kawamata achieved international recognition with his participation in the Venice Biennale in 1982, and has since held exhibitions at Documenta and La Biennale de Lyon, to name a few. Kawamata currently is a professor at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His works today range from architecture and city planning, to historiography and sociology, to daily communications, to medicine.


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Kawamata Tadashi

Born in 1953 in Mikasa, Hokkaido, Japan
Lives and works in Paris, France

– Education –

1981  MFA, Tokyo National University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

– Selected Solo Exhibitions –

2020  Construction, Japan House Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2020  Insertion into City Life, BankART Station, BankART Temporary, Bashamichi station, Yokohama
2020  Shiseido window installation, Shiseido the Store, Tokyo
2019  Destruction, kamel mennour, Paris, France
2019  Destruction / Reconstruction,, Annely Juda Fine Art, London, UK
2018  Over Flow, Museum Art Architecture Technology, Lisbon, Portugal
2017  Early Works, MISA SHIN GALLERY, Tokyo
2017  Crossroads, Kiyotsu Warehouse Museum, Niigata
2017  The Shower, Made in Cloister, Naple, Italy
2017  Starting Over, Under Construction, Art Front Gallery, Tokyo
2016  Under the water, Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz, France
2015  Kawamata Maquettes 1983-2015, kamel mennour, Paris, France
2014  Stairs, Annely Juda Fine Art, London, UK
2014  Box construction II, Gallery 604, Busan, Korea
2014  Project Document TOKYO IN PROGRESS 2010-2013, MISA SHIN GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
2014  Prekaere Konstruktionen, Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Switzerland
2013  Scheiterturm / Log Tower, Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Switzerland
2013  HORIZONS: Project Les Sentiers de l’eau ,en Camargue, Musee de la Camargue, France
2013  Collectie Folie, Parc la Villette, Paris, France
2012  Expand BankART, BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama, Japan
2012  Box construction Daegu, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea
2012  Box construction, Gallery 604, Busan, Korea
2011  Under the water, Kamel Mennour, Paris, France
2010  The Tree Hut in Masan, Masan Moonshin Art Museum, Masan, Korea
2010  Tree Hut, Carton Workshop, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

– Selected Group Exhibitions –

2020  Vladivostok International Biennale of Visual Arts, Vladivostok, Russia (upcoming)
2020  Helsinki Biennial 2020, Helsinki, Finland
2020  Drawings, MISA SHIN GALLERY, Tokyo
2019  Weavers of Worlds – A Century of Flux in Japanese, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
2019  on sculpture – between line and figure, MISA SHIN GALLERY, Tokyo
2019  The Nature Rules: Dreaming of Earth Project, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
2019  Multiples, MISA SHIN GALLERY, Tokyo
2018  EGON SCHIELE The Jubilee Show RELOADED, Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria
2018  Culture City of East Asia 2018 Kanazawa Altering Home,21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan
2018  Art on the Road-Three Traveling Exhibitions From the Hara Museum, Hara Museum Arc, Gunnma, Japan
2017  JAPAN ALPS ART FESTIVAL 2017,Shinano-city, Niigata prefecture, Japan
2017  OpenART Biennale 2017, Örebro, Sweden
2017  JAPAN ALPS ART FESTIVAL 2017, Omachi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
2016  KNOCK ON WOOD, Magda Danysz, Paris,France
2015  Tsumari Diorama, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, Niigata, Japan
2014  Triennale Brugge 2015, Bruges, Belgium
2014  Collection Becoming, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan
2014  La Chaire, Kibe Project, Kunisaki Art Festival 2014,Kunisaki City, Oita, Japan
2014  MAK-Permanent Collection Asia (China-Japan-Korea), MAK-Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art,Vienna, Austria
2014  Japon, Centre d’art contemporain (cac), Meymac, France
2013  Unstable Territoy, Center for Contemporary Culture Strozzina, Plazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy
2013  Garden Tower in Toronto, Toronto Nuit Blanche 2013, Canada
2013  Tree hut in the Place Vendome, FIAC 2013, Paris, France
2013  SITE- Place of Memories, Spaces with Potential, Hiroshima City Museum of Modern Art, Hiroshima, Japan
2013  Favela Cafe, Art Basel, Switzerland
2012  Chairs for Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, UAE
2012  Exchange Library, FIAC, Paris, France
2012  Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale, Niigata, Japan
2010  Mukaijima Project The Island Made by the Island, Setouchi International Art Festival, Kagawa, Japan
2010  Walkway and Tower, EMSCHERKUNST 2010, Essen, Germany

– Selected Projects –

2020  Sendai in Progress, Sendai, Miyagi
2019  Belvedere de l’hermitage, Nantes, France
2019  Project in Tremblay-en-France, Tremblay-en-France, France
2018  Hokkaido in Progress (Iwamizawa Project 2018), Iwamizawa, Hokkaido
2017  Tokyo in Progress (Shioiri Tower) Closing Event, Tokyo
2017  Hokkaido in Progress (Iwamizawa Project 2017), Iwamizawa, Hokkaido
2015  Guangzhou project, Guangzhou, China
2014  Tront Lamp Post,Waterfront Tront, Tront, Canada
2014  Hokkaido in Progress (Mikasa project 2014), Mikasa, Hokkaido, Japan
2013  Tree hut in the Place Vendome, FIAC 2013, Paris, France
2013  Camarguve boat tour, Arles, France
2013  ESCALE” et “DECISE, Arles, France
2013  Project Les Sentiers de l’eau ,en Camargue HORIZONS, Musee de la Camargue, France
2013  Au fil de la SAONE, Lyon, France
2013  Tokyo in Progress Closing Event, Tokyo, Japan
2013  Hokkaido in Progress (Mikasa project 2013), Mikasa, Hokkaido, Japan
2012  Corner Structure, Bonn, Germany
2012  Favela in Gent, Track, Gent, Belgium
2012  Tokyo in Progress (Toyosu Dome), Tokyo, Japan
2012  Tokyo in Progress (Tsukuda Terrace), Tokyo Culture Creation Project, Tokyo
2012  Hokkaido in Progress (Mikasa project 2012), Mikasa, Hokkaido, Japan
2011  Workshop Camargue, Les Sentiers De L’eau- Water Path 2, Marseille-Provence Musee de Camargue, Franceance
2011  Workshop at Bergloon, Belgium, Z33- huis voor actuele kunst, Hasselt, Belgium
2011  Cergy Pontoise Art commission work, Cergy Pontoise, France
2011  Chaumont sur Loire Project Chateau de Chaumont, Chaumont sur Loire, France
2011  Hokkaido in Progress (Mikasa project 2011), Hokkaido, Japan
2011  Tokyo in Progress (Shioiri Tower), Tokyo, Japan
2010  Drift Structure, Uster, Switzerland
2010  Tokyo in Progress, Tokyo, Japan


Jae-eun Choi, Kawamata Tadashi, Isozaki Arata, Francis Shingo, Shinoda Taro
September 25 – November 7, 2020

Iba Yasuko, Isozaki Arata, Kawamata Tadashi, Ozawa Tsuyoshi, Shinoda Taro
March 5 – March 30, 2019

Group Show 2
Back Seung Woo, Hikosaka Naoyoshi, Kawamata Tadashi, Ozawa Tsuyoshi, Shinoda Taro, Tomatsu Shomei
April 7 – April 14, 2018

Early Works
August 2 – October 7, 2017

Project Document TOKYO IN PROGRESS 2010-2013
Jul 26 – Sep 27, 2014

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