Kawamata Tadashi “Project Document TOKYO IN PROGRESS 2010-2013”

Kawamata Tadashi Project Document TOKYO IN PROGRESS 2010-2013 2014
Installation view at MISA SHIN GALLERY
Photo: Keizo Kioku

Kawamata Tadashi Project Document TOKYO IN PROGRESS 2010-2013 2014
Installation view at MISA SHIN GALLERY
Photo: Keizo Kioku

Kawamata Tadashi 川俣 正
Project Document TOKYO IN PROGRESS 2010-2013
プロジェクトドキュメント 東京インプログレス

Date:Saturday, July 26 – Saturday, September 27, 2014


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Kawamata Tadashi is an artist who, for over 30 years, has continually attempted to break the conventional boundaries of artistic expression by exploring the themes of “Art and Society.”

Kawamata’s signature style can be seen in his installation pieces in which wooden planks and beams are placed in various ways, infiltrating building structures, whether the structures be historical buildings, city infrastructures, roads, or even towers. His projects are meant to question the relationship between a city and its inhabitants, bringing into light the role of a city, beyond the boundaries of art and architecture. The themes that Kawamata tackles in his work span from architecture and city planning, to historiography and sociology, to daily communication and human memories, and even to spiritualism. His installation pieces call for the involvement and participation of local people in what he refers to as “work in progress”. The entire process of a “work in progress” – beginning at preparation, installation and ending at dismantling – is considered part of the artwork. This has encouraged the local people involved to further participate in Kawamata’s new works.

“Tokyo in progress – the view from Sumida River”, held between the years 2010 and 2013, focused on the major shift in cityscape and scenery that Tokyo underwent with the construction of a broadcast and observation tower with a height of 634m, the Tokyo Skytree in 2012. The project’s goal was to propose the creation of new observatories that allow for the viewer to reimagine Tokyo as a shifting, ever-changing city. Another objective was to discover new potentials of the city, and develop these through workshops, panel discussions and collaborative projects. Three observatories were created during this project in collaboration with local residents – the Shioiri Tower (Arakawa ward), Tsukuda Terrace (Chuo ward) and Toyosu Dome (Koto ward) – which lead to an emergence of a new type of public space, essentially redefining itself whilst sending out various messages.

“When a person encounters an art piece outside of the usual gallery-type setting, such as a public space, the art work itself undergoes a test as to what it invokes within the observer.”

In the exhibition, we will present models, reliefs, drawings, and plans from the above project. We are also very excited to present new pieces created specifically for the gallery exhibition. Additionally, Kawamata is publishing a compilation of archives from 4 years of the project entitled “Tokyo In Progress – Document Book (Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha)”, which will be available in the end of July.

Kawamata Tadashi
Born in 1953, Kawamata achieved international recognition with his participation in the Venice Biennale in 1982, and has since held exhibitions at Documenta and La Biennale de Lyon, to name a few. Kawamata currently is a professor at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His works today range from architecture and city planning, to historiography and sociology, to daily communications, to medicine.


建物内外を木材が縦横無尽に貫入する建築的なインスタレーションや、歴史的建造物、インフラや道路、塔など都市の一部に介入し、都市が持つ意味やそこに住まう人々との関係性を想起させる川俣の数々のプロジェクトは、美術や建築の世界を超え、都市そのもののあり方に強烈な示唆を与えてきました。建築や都市計画、歴史学や社会学、日常のコミュニケーション、あるいは人々の記憶や精神のありかたまで、川俣の活動は分野を縦横に横断し、また、準備、設置、そして解体までを含めたプロセスを作品とみなすその制作スタイル、ワーク・イン・プログレス(work in progress)は、現場や地域の人々を巻き込み、関わった人々に新たなアクティビティの萌芽を促してきました。



「プロジェクトドキュメント 東京インプログレス 2010-2013」ではプロジェクトに関連したモデル、レリーフ、ドローイング、プラン、また、ギャラリー空間にあわせて制作された新作などを展示いたします。また、7月下旬には、4年間のプロジェクト記録を収めた「東京インプログレス・ドキュメントブック」(美術出版社)が発行されます。

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