Shmizu Jio “landscape”

Shmizu Jio landscape 2015
Installation view at MISA SHIN GALLERY
Photo: Keizo Kioku

Shmizu Jio landscape 2015
Installation view at MISA SHIN GALLERY
Photo: Keizo Kioku

Shmizu Jio 志水 児王
Date: Friday, March 20 – Saturday, April 25, 2015


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As an artist, Shimizu’s work is rooted in the idea of positivism, in which he explores the relationships between art and natural science, and birth of motion and elements, by utilizing existing elements in the physical world, such as sound, light and vibration, and the physical phenomena it causes to our perception.

“landscape”, Shimizu’s second solo exhibition at MISA SHIN GALLERY, will present pictures of elements sampled from within the gallery, such as the floor, wall, office space which are magnified a hundred to over a thousand times to reveal elements.

Unlike optical microscopes, electron microscopes work by projecting electrons on its subjects, allowing us to observe objects at a scale of electrons (less than 1nm), far smaller than the human eye’s observable limit of the shortest light waves (400nm/ purple). In addition, there is no optical focal point (focus), and objects with a significant depth of field appear to the viewer as something very large, despite being less than 1mm in size, creating the illusion of a “landscape.” Monotone images taken in a vacuum with intense electron beams conjure images reminiscent of inhabitable “space”, a “lifeless view” or “death.”

“landscape”, an installation piece incorporating 3 monitors and an ultrasound speaker, features what cannot usually be seen or perceived, and renews our understanding of events by offering an experience unique in itself.

Shmizu Jio
Born Tokyo, 1966. Received his MFA in the Graduate School of Art at the Tokyo University of the Arts and is presently based in Saitama, Japan. In 1994 he founded WrK with Toshiya Tsunoda and Minoru Sato. He moved to Copenhagen in 2008 as an overseas trainee in receipt of a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, thereafter remaining to live and work until 2010. Major exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing” Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2004), the Busan Biennale 2008 at the Busan Museum of Art (Busan, 2008), “Simple Interactions. Sound Art From Japan” Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde (Copenhagen, 2011), “On the edge 2012” Tungenes Fyr (Norway, 2012), “Elements” MISA SHIN GALLERY (Tokyo, 2012) and “Open Space 2014” NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] (Tokyo, 2014).


MISA SHIN GALLERYにおいて2度目となる志水の個展「landscape」は、床、壁、事務所など、作品を展示する場所(ギャラリー)からサンプリングした物質を数百から数千倍に拡大した画像で構成されます。



志水 児王
1966年、東京生まれ、東京藝術大学美術研究科大学院修了、現在は埼玉県を拠点に活動する。1994年、角田俊也らとWrK結成。2008年に文化庁在外研修員としてコペンハーゲンに移住。その後2010年末まで同地を拠点に活動。主な展覧会に、「六本木クロッシング」森美術館(東京 2004)、「釜山ビエンナーレ2008」釜山市立美術館(釜山、2008)、 「日本のサウンドアート」ロスキル現代美術館(コペンハーゲン、2011)、「On the edge 2012」Tungenes Fyr(ノルウェー、2012)、「Elements」MISA SHIN GALLERY (東京、2012)、「オープンスペース 2014」NTTインターコミュニケーションセンター[ICC](東京、2014)他。

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