Isozaki Arata : Kankai pavilion Hara Museum Arc

Arata Isozaki at the Kankai Pavilion
Dates : September 13 (Friday) – October 23 (Wednesday), 2019

To celebrate these notable events, three special exhibitions have been planned for 2019 and 2020 at three Japanese museums that are part of Isozaki’s architectural legacy: Hara Museum ARC, Art Tower Mito and the Nagi-cho Museum of Contemporary Art. Each show, supervised by Isozaki himself, will be unique, yet share the same theme: milestones in the career of a master architect. Kicking off this endeavor will be the Kankai Pavilion where Isozaki will trace his relationship with the Hara Museum through various projects completed over the years, including the buildings at Hara Museum ARC and the Uji-An, a teahouse (built in 1991 adjacent to the Hara Museum in Tokyo).