Group Show

Group Show

Shingo Francis, Iba Yasuko, Maeda Saki
Saturday, January 28 – Saturday, March 11, 2023
Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-19:00 (Closed on Mon, Sun, Public holidays)

Press Release

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MISA SHIN GALLERY is pleased to announce “Group Show” by three artists, Shingo Francis, Iba Yasuko and Maeda Saki from Saturday January 28 through Saturday March 11, 2023.

Francis explores the vast space and spirituality of painting through abstract expressions that consist of multiple layers of blue and deep monochrome color works. His Interference series of the last few years consists of paintings created with special materials that cause optical interference, resulting in light passing through multiple layers of paint, producing a variety of colors when viewed at different angles. As the viewer approaches the painting, the visual effect of the viewer’s movement triggers an experience of the painting that can only be sensed there.

Iba Yasuko renders the textures of things that are not normally visible, like the light and space that exist between the surface of objects and the artist’s eyes, by painting from her own photographs of familiar objects. Iba’s early works featured close-ups of objects, but in recent years her distance from the objects has increased, broadening the scope of the subject to include architectural spaces and scenery. This exhibition comprises works from 2011, depicting vegetation and trees and a recent landscape painting.

Born in 1993, Maeda Saki creates abstract paintings using a paint knife to buildup layers of oil paint under the concept of “Accumulation of time” and “boundaries”. Having a triangle as her minimum form of presence on the canvas, she paints by piling up layers and scraping them off to visualize all matters in our everyday life and their relations geometrically. Maeda has been pursuing abstraction since she was an art student and continues to seek “boundaries” which we perceive.

This exhibition shows the various perspectives and approaches to paintings of these three artists.


Shingo Francis   Artist Page
Born 1969 in Santa Monica, California. Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA and Kamakura, Japan. Francis explores the vast space and spirituality of painting through abstract expressions that consist of multiple layers of blue and deep monochrome color works. His major exhibitions include DIC Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art,(Chiba, 2012), Lobby Gallery, Durst Organization, (New York, 2013), Ichihara Lakeside Museum, (Chiba, 2017), Sezon Museum of Modern Art, (Nagano, 2018), Martin Museum of Art, (Waco, 2019). His works are in collections including JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, Banco de Espana, Frederick R. Weiseman Art Foundation, Mori Arts Center, and Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Oketa Collection, Tokyo American Club.

Iba Yasuko   Artist Page
Born in Kyoto in 1967. Kyoto Saga University of Arts, postgraduate degree in print. Recent solo exhibitions include Whereness of Brilliance at the Museum of Art Kamakura (2009), and A Way of Seeing at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (2019). Her work is part of many public collections, such as at places like The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura; the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo; the National Museum of Art, Osaka; Shiseido Art House and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Maeda Saki   
Born in Fukui prefecture in 1993. Her recent solo exhibitions include “Accumulating as we pass by”YUKIKO MIZUTANI (Tokyo、2022), GALLERY TOMO (Kyoto, 2019). Her work is part of collections such as DMG Mori Co., Ltd. and OCA Tokyo (Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.). She will participate in Meet Your Art Fair on March 2023.

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