The Sun and Mt. Fuji and Steve Reich

Nov 11 - Dec 24, 2016
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The Sun and Mt. Fuji and Steve Reich
Date: Friday, November 11 – Saturday, December 24, 2016

MISA SHIN GALLERY presents the Taro Shinoda solo exhibition, ‘The Sun and Mt. Fuji and Steve Reich,’from Friday November 11 until Saturday December 24, 2016.

Taro Shinoda was born in 1964, and studied landscape gardening before becoming a visual artist. This background informs his practice, with his large-scale pieces suggesting a new kind of relationship between humans and nature, based upon an understanding that sees everything in the universe, including the cosmos itself, as an evolving form of nature coexisting with human endeavor. In recent years, by pondering the relationship between humans and the contemporary urban landscape or our everyday settings with their reliance on advanced technological elements, he has been deepening his insight into the concept of ‘nature’ as an abstraction that includes lifestyle, society and culture within its scope.

‘The Sun and Mt. Fuji and Steve Reich,’ the artist’s first solo exhibition at MISA SHIN GALLERY, is a series of blueprint works. Blueprint is a photo-printing technique that makes use of the photosensitive properties of iron compounds. On top of photographic paper coated with iron salts, the artist places sand and pebbles collected at the peak of Mt. Fuji, installing speakers underneath the photographic paper through which the minimal music of Steve Reich is played. Exposure to the sun ensures that the sand and pebbles vibrating with the sound patterns create shadows and lines on the paper’s surface. In this way, sunlight— nature’s most fundamental force—brings the usually invisible vibration of sound into view. Transcending the artist’s design, these works in Prussian blue emerge like natural phenomena.

“Our civilization has been made possible through our engineering of the existing
substances on the earth—except, that is, for nuclear energy. In other words, we cannot create substances themselves, but we can transform one exsiting substance into
another. Again leaving aside nuclear power, all human endeavor is dependent on the sun and what it makes possible, from plant photosynthesis through to the functioning of the food chain and production of fuels.”

Visitors to ‘The Sun and Mt. Fuji and Steve Reich,’ are invited to observe the traces of the process whereby elements that appear naturally on the earth’s surface—such as light from the sun, minerals of the earth, vibration of sound—are transformed through chemical reaction into different substances.

会期:2016年11月11日(金) – 12月24日(土)

MISA SHIN GALLERY は、11月11日(金)から12月24日(土)まで、篠田太郎の新作による個展「太陽と富士山とスティーブ・ライヒ」を開催いたします。


MISA SHIN GALLERYでの初めての個展となる「太陽と富士山とスティーブ・ライヒ」 は、鉄の化合物である鉄塩の感光性を利用した写真のプリント技法、青写真で制作された作品です。鉄塩を塗った印画紙の上に、富士山の頂上から持ち帰った砂や小石を置き、その印画紙の下にスピーカーを設置。スティーブ・ライヒのミニマルな音型によって振動した砂や小石が、太陽の光で感光することで線 や陰影を生み出します。それは、音の振動という不可視なものが、太陽の光というもっとも根源的な自然の力によって可視化され、アーティストの意思を超えて自然現象として生み出されるプルシアンブルーの絵画となります。