Paper Poem

Jae-Eun Choi
Oct 20 - Dec 2, 2017
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Jae-eun Choi
Paper Poem
Date: Friday October 20 – Saturday December 2, 2017

Jae-eun Choi was born in Seoul in 1953. During a visit to Japan in 1972, she became fascinated by ikebana, and decided to study under Hiroshi Teshigahara, the 3rd head of the Sogetsu school, learning how the art form transcends merely arranging flowers to embody concepts of space and a certain view of the universe.

Choi has been making artwork addressing questions of the life-cycle and time since the 1980s. The series of works that makes up this exhibition, entitled Paper Poem, was produced between 2010 to 2016 while Choi was based mostly in Germany. Seeing a number of old books discarded outside her Berlin apartment, she brought them into her studio, where she removed the blank pages like the flyleaves, endpapers and so on, and produced collages from them. The paper produced in the late 19th century and a large part of the 20th century was affected by exposure to light, which bleached its edges over time. The This paper, produced from the late 19th century on, has had its edges bleached over time by exposure to light, and the delicate gradations of overlapping pages that come together inside the “frame” this bleaching creates are like layers of time stacked on top of one another. The compositions, which are reminiscent of constructivist collages, enhance these natural gradations, while also appearing much like the bird’s eye view of a city, with all its buildings alongside one another.

Within the theme of time that runs throughout the artwork Choi has been producing for three decades, we sense different types. In particular, arboreal time is key. This is placed in contrast with human time, and yet connected with it, through the eternal cycle of life. The paper used in the Paper Poem series is thus not material, but serves to indicate the way in which arboreal time is transformed into the time of human wisdom and memory through books.

This exhibition also includes a tree sculpture produced in conjunction with the Paper Poem works. Placed around the tree are balled up pieces of paper with poems written on, and viewers are allowed to pick those pieces of paper up and read the poems. When they finish reading them, they return them to the floor to be read by the next visitor. With all this touching, the texture of the paper will become softer, and by the time the exhibition closes, the poems will have evolved into different ones.

Paper Poem is Jae-eun Choi’s first solo exhibition at the MISA SHIN GALLERY.

For the full press release including a text by a Korean curator/art critic, Jinsang Yoo, please download from here. (312KB)

Paper Poem
会期: 2017年10月20日(金)− 2017年12月2日(土)


1980年代から生命や時間をテーマに制作してきた崔が、今回MISA SHIN GALLERYで展示する「Paper Poem」は、崔が2010年から2016年に渡りドイツを拠点に制作した連作です。当時住んでいたベルリンのアパートのゴミ捨て場に、古本が捨てられる様子を目にした崔は、それらを自分のアトリエに運び込みます。そして古本から何も印刷されていない見返り紙や遊び紙のページを切り取りコラージュを制作します。19世紀後半から20世紀にかけて生産された紙は、時間と露光によって淵が焼け、重なり合うページの繊細な色調は、何層にも堆積した時間となってフレームの中に集結します。そのコラージュのグラデーションに見られる構造主義的なコンポジションは、真上から見た都市における建物のようでもあります。

過去30年間に渡って崔の作品に通奏低音のように横たわる時間において、とりわけ樹の時間は人間の時間と対比されながらも、永遠とも思える長い周期を廻る生命の連続性からなっています。Paper Poemにおける紙とは、単に古びた紙ではなく、樹の時間が人間の知恵と記憶の時間に変容し結実したものであることを示唆しています。

本展では Paper Poem と関連して樹の彫刻が設置されます。彫刻の周囲の床には古い紙に書かれた詩が丸めて置かれ、鑑賞者はその紙に書かれた詩を拾って読むことができます。読み終えるとまた床に戻され、次の鑑賞者によって読まれ、紙は柔らかな感触を持った物質へと変化して行き、展覧会の会期が終わる頃には、別の詩へと循環して行きます。

MISA SHIN GALLERYでは初めてとなる、崔在銀の個展「Paper Poem」、どうぞご高覧下さい。