IBA Yasuko
Jan 21 - Mar 18, 2017
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IBA Yasuko
Date: Saturday, January 21 – Saturday, March 18, 2017

Iba is a painter known for creating works that appeal to viewers’ senses by teasing the texture and atmosphere of familiar materials such as cushions and pottery onto her canvas. Born in Kyoto in 1967, Iba commenced her artistic career during the early 1990s. Her practice involves photographing her subjects, and then using the photographs as the basis for her paintings.

The new works presented here retain the same motifs that she has used in earlier works. However, by incorporating a new visual process, they attempt to convey the feel of the air and light surrounding the motif to the viewer in a similar manner.

Iba begins by taking the vase or other vessel to be painted, placing it into an acrylic box, and creating a space that will bring out the attraction of the object. Surroundings and reflected lights are visible in the acrylic surfaces, impeding a clear view of the vessel in the box. Consequently, the texture and feel of the object are drawn out in conjunction with a dialogue between the object and its surroundings and environment. The viewer’s gaze passes through the reflected scenery and light to reach a vessel that is part of a scene, unified with the soft atmosphere and light.

With the intermediation of the acrylic box, the image of the everyday object is more relaxed, its tension unwound by light, colors, and shapes. As a result, the viewer’s senses of touch and memories are called up within the act of viewing. Probing the senses or minute differences between objects and qualities enables normally invisible features such as texture and sense of touch to become visible. Iba’s paintings achieve that result by incorporating this process into a single scene.

‘Paintings’ will be Yasuko Iba’s second solo exhibition at MISA SHIN GALLERY. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

会期:2017年1月21日(土) – 3月18日(土)





MISA SHIN GALLERYでは2度目の個展となる、伊庭靖子の「Paintings」にどうぞご期待ください。